Pastor Search Committee Orientation and Training

Serving on a pastor search committee or team is a wonderful honor and an awesome assignment! In our “Pastor Search Committee Orientation and Training, you will receive practical guidance and best practices for identifying your next pastor. We examine common mistakes committees can easily avoid, as well as several best practices that will help keep your search process on track — a blessing both for your future pastor and your church! In this 90-minute orientation, your committee/team will explore…

  • How to gather and evaluate ministry resumes;
  • What to discuss in your first contact with a ministry candidate;
  • How to maintain positive lines of communication with your church and your candidates;
  • How to work through your list of candidates;
  • How to interview your leading candidate;
  • How to research and evaluate your candidate’s previous ministry experiences and training;
  • How to arrange an initial candidate visit to the church field (an “incognito” visit); and
  • How to present your pastor candidate to the church in view of a call.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule this free 90-minute training for your search committee/team, please contact Don Pucik at or call the Northshore office at (225) 567-5086.

For additional resources for your church, click here.

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