The Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare

Every believer is engaged in a life-and-death spiritual battle. The world we cannot see is dramatically affecting the world that we do see. The Bible has much to say about spiritual warfare, and if we don’t take what it says seriously, the consequences can be devastating to our lives, families, and churches. In this workshop designed for pastors and prayer leaders, we will explore

  • 4 insights into the biblical reality of spiritual warfare;
  • 5 ways to recognize spiritual warfare;
  • 3 reasons why spiritual warfare may persist; and
  • 7 actions to take when you encounter spiritual warfare.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule this workshop for your church, please contact Don Pucik at or call the Northshore office at (225) 567-5086.

For additional workshop opportunities, click here.

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